40/50 - $2,119


  • Game Title:                            GRAND THEFT AUTO DOUBLE FEATURE
  • Serial Number:                     SLES 00032/01714
  • Platform:                                PS1
  • Region:                                   PAL
  • Released year:                       1999
  • Condition:                              Used Good Condition
  • Grading Results:                   40/50
  • Registered Owner Name:   N/A 
  • Grading Date:                        22/10/2021
  • Comments/updates:      Overall in a very good condition. Game manuals and maps are all in a very good condition as well no missing pages, no marks. Game cd’s are in a original standard and are not polished or buffered. Grand Theft Auto game on the cd has finger prints and very light scratches however, is not visible. Grand Theft Auto London game cd has a light scratch (10 mm) is visible, overall are in a mint condition and does not affect playing the game. Front insert cover bottom 9 mm shorter than original insert cover size (scissor cut), bind attached to the back cover insert on both sides bottom part has a slight creased fold with colour fade. 
  • Extensive research was completed for the game background i.e. release date, country of release however, no relevant details are held for the game. Information was also not available on Wikipedia. Well known internet page (no name can be sourced due to privacy) states release game 1997 although GTA London was released in 1999 this information cannot be correct. Also to note game was released in Australia/New Zealand however, GTA London manual has two languages in (Espanol/English) ? With all the above it shows that this game is extremely rare and unique game…

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