Video Game Encapsulation

You should always have protection!

Protecting your Video Game Consoles, Accessories and Software is vital to ensure top condition

Our encapsulation process sees your items placed into purpose manufactured locker box for safe keeping for many, many years to come.

The locker box itself is made from poly-carbonate-ABS, offering the most desirable properties of both materials. The superior strength and heat resistance of PC with the durability of ABS, meaning your items are in the safest possible place. All cases used by VGGA are printed with our logo on them and can be easily identified. All cases produced for VGGA are CE Certified.

Once your item is inserted into the locker box, it is then sealed and stickered with a tamper evident sticker. These stickers cannot be removed or reused. Your sticker will also contain the serial number unique to your item, grading result and QR code for quick online reference.

You can also purchase our custom made encapsulation lock boxes separately. These will offer the highest level of protection possible for your items. It is important to note; these lockboxes will be sent unlocked and cannot be opened once locked. To unlock the lockboxes, you must return them to VGGA.