Professional video game collectors, resellers and appraisers.

This has been a brain child of our founder for a few years and we are now proud to show you what we can offer.

Our Founder Bas has been putting this idea for this company for quite some time. He has been in the video game market for over 25 years with 15 of these buying and selling video game software and hardware, even developing software at a young age.


For the past 7 years Bas has been buying, selling and trading to a point that it became a fulltime gig. A huge part of making this successful as a fulltime role is knowing the financial value of the items he is coming across. Part of this business was also customising consoles and accessories of which was a huge success and had highly demanded products.


This is second nature to us. We know the value of items. We know what is in good condition and what is in bad. We know the telltale signs of when something is not what it seems. Of course, we are always learning also. We feel very confident that we are in a position to not only help you grade your items, but also learn a little bit about their true financial value and help protect them for years to come.


Whether you’re looking at selling a collection and getting values, found an old childhood game that’s been sitting in the back cupboard for 15 years, or require a professional valuation for insurance purposes you will always be in safe hands with VGGA.


We highly encourage feedback and comments from our clients and potential clients. Please feel free to reach out to us on our socials as listed below. Follow us on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube to see not only your own items come up, but other super rare and interesting items from the world of video gaming. 

We look forward to seeing what other great items we come across and are proud to be helping you understand more about the from a professional point of view.