Video Game Grading

So how exactly does our grading scale work?

Some more information on our grading scale

100 – A grade if 100 will only be awarded in the event the following conditions are met:

  • Factory sealed shipping box is received
  • VGGA opens factory shipped box
  • VGGA removes factory sealed item form shipping case, and encapsulates it with no human contact during the process
  • No damage to the item or shipping container is noted whatsoever.

99 – A grade of 99 will be awarded to a factory sealed retail item, with associated branding seals intact. For example, the “PlayStation Ribbon” is used on outer shrink wrapping. No damage to product or shrink wrapping whatsoever.

98 – A grade of 98 will be awarded to a factory sealed retail item without associated branding seals. No damage to product or shrink wrapping whatsoever.

95-97 – These grades are reserved for sealed items that have damage to shrink wrap or case/box/outer container of item.

50-94 – These grades are reserved for items that are deemed to be “complete”, and the term complete will be applicable to the item being graded. We define the term “complete” as being with all original pieces, parts and/or documentation that would have come with the item. This may include any promotional material that may or may not have come with the item originally. For example, a console may have been released and originally come with a registration card. This would be needed to deem an item, complete. Whereas a game may have come with a flyer for other games/products. This would not constitute completeness, although a higher grading would be awarded for this.

Grading in this range varies dramatically based on the condition of all included components. This will be thoroughly broken down in your individual report.

20-49 – These grades are for items that are missing one or more components. For example, you may have a complete game, with artwork, user manual and disc, but the case may not be original. This would fall into this category. In the case of game software, missing artwork or manual are usually the items that fall into this grading range. Other instances may be a missing demo disc that may have originally come with the item.

In terms of consoles as another example, you may find you are missing the user documentation for the console. This would also fall into this grade.

1-19 – These grades are reserved for “loose” software & hardware. The term “loose” is based on what one would have expected to receive when originally purchased from a retail store, and therefore does not apply to promotional, review, debugging or prototype software or hardware. These grades are seldom used for software, but often used with hardware. These grades are common among clients wishing to have items graded based on sentimental value, rather than financial value. In saying this, there is software and hardware out there that is deemed high value, and therefore our service is used.