Bionic Commando Grading Results
19/19 - $295.20



Condition: Cartridge Only

Outstanding Overall Condition

Label Has No Damage, Peeling Or Marks

Replacement Value: $35.61

Graded Value: $350.00

Insurance Value: $500.00


  • Cartridge is 35 years old and is in outstanding condition
  • This cartridge was tested and confirmed working at the time of Grading & Appraisal
  • Label has no marks to speak of
  • There is no physical damage to the cartridge in any form
  • Highest possible loose grading has been awarded to this item

All content on this page is correct as at date on Certificate of Appraisal. All content on this page is subject to the conditions that the graded item remain unaltered. 

If you are looking to purchase this item online, ensure the seller can accurately show you photos of the red security seal being intact and a valid Certificate should accompany this item also. Security Seals are tamper evident and show OPENED – VOID if they have been tampered with. Certificates are all wet signed and have a heat treated label on the reverse, as shown in the original pictures above. 

If in doubt, you are welcome to contact us via our socials and we can confirm if the item you are looking at is in fact genuine and valid.