WOLFENSTEIN 3D Grading Results
96/100 - $1,317

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If you are looking to purchase this item online, ensure the seller can accurately show you photos of the red security seal being intact and a valid Certificate should accompany this item also. Security Seals are tamper evident and show OPENED – VOID if they have been tampered with. Certificates are all have a heat treated label on the reverse, as shown in the original pictures above. 

If in doubt, you are welcome to contact us via our socials and we can confirm if the item you are looking at is in fact genuine and valid. 

    • Game Title:                            WOLFENSTEIN 3D
    • Serial Number:                     1000245
    • Platform:                                PC MS-DOS
    • Driver:                                     CD-ROM
    • Released year:                       1998
    • Condition:                              BRAND NEW SEALED
    • Grading Results:                   96/100
    • Registered Owner Name:   Jesse 
    • Grading Date:                        08/08/2022
    • Comments/updates:      The game is in almost immaculate condition.  There is only a small dent in the front upper right corner and lower right side. – in 1998, the game was banned from sale in Germany until 2018,as there pictures and descriptions containing Nazi symbols in the game. in 2019, the ban was lifted with a court decision.  {“Wolfenstein 3D was a critical and commercial success and widely considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made, garnering numerous awards and selling over 250,000 copies by the end of 1995. It has been termed the “grandfather of 3D shooters”, and is widely regarded as having helped popularize the first-person shooter genre and establishing the standard of fast-paced action and technical prowess for many subsequent games in the genre, as well as showcasing the viability of the shareware publishing model at the time.” Wikipedia}